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BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and technology is a refereed, open access international academic journal that publishes articles on science, technology, and engineering, and is published twice a year.</p> <p>BSEUJERT is a peer-reviewed, six-month, online international research journal that publishes original articles, research articles, articles, and applications from all scientific fields of engineering and technology research. The primary mission of the journal is to be the leading source of high-quality research from all over the world.</p> B.S.E.U Engineering Faculty en-US BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2757-6361 Negative Absolute Temperatures: Plausible or Impossible – A Clarification <p>Negative absolute temperatures were shown to be achievable in the nuclear spin systems in a pure LiF crystal in the 1950’s. The nuclear spin system can adequately be considered as a thermodynamic subsystem describable by a temperature, and the various nuclear spins must interact among themselves in such a way that thermodynamic equilibrium is achieved rapidly. However, these findings and interpretations, misperceptively, might lead to the generalization of the idea too, for example, in the same pure crystal, the lattice subsystem capable of lattice vibrations (phonons) with a stable equilibrium distribution of the vibrations. The lattice subsystem can be assigned a separate temperature. Only the latter system is a thermal subsystem capable of heat transfer for which achievability of negative absolute temperatures is an impossibility. This article attempts to clarify the thermodynamics of the negative absolute temperatures that may be plausible or impossible for subsystem constructs in the same material.</p> Selcuk Özcan Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 1 6 Electricity Price Forecasting based on XGBooST and ARIMA Algorithms <p>Accurate electricity price information is critical for wholesale electricity markets. Machine learning algorithms are thought to be most efficient methods as they successfully observe the dependencies between electricity price, historical data and other factors. In this study, two machine-learning models are purposed for electricity price forecasting. The historical prices and other important factors are processed. Then, the future values of the electricity prices are forecasted using properly fitted XGBoost and ARIMA models. To validate the results, some statistical error measurement methods are selected. Consequently, when comparing the results in terms of performance in detail, XGBoost model has become more efficient as the computation speed and lowest error.</p> Kübra Bitirgen Ümmühan Basaran Filik Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 7 13 A Study on the Possibilities of Measuring and Assessing Water Resources with Remote Sensing Methods in Integrated Basin Management <p>Water resources should be planned, projected and operated with a holistic approach on basin basis. It is very important to measure water resources at the desired time and accuracy in both planning and operation processes in order to develop and operate water resources projects effectively with a holistic approach on basin basis. When the water resource is not measured accurately and at the desired time intervals, providing the necessary data for new projects to be developed and determining whether or not the water amounts allocated for water, energy and other sectors are used during the operation phase according to the prepared basin water plan, calculation will not be possible. The only way to solve this question is to use remote sensing or other advanced methods, and the preparation and rapid implementation of draft studies, plans and proposals on this issue is the most important element of holistic watershed management. In this study, in Büyük Menderes basin where agriculture, industry and tourism potential is high in our country; How should a measurement system be required to accurately measure and record basin water resources at desired time intervals for integrated basin-based planning and operation of irrigation, energy, drinking and utility, flood and ecology projects, and a draft, preliminary study that will form the basis for the establishment of this system. or what are the basic elements of planning were investigated, and suggestions were made regarding the importance of this system for holistic basin management and how it should be implemented.</p> Yildirim Bayazit Cengiz Koç Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 14 17 Effect of DC Current and NaCl Ratio on Accelerated Corrosion at Different Diameter of Steels <p>The purpose of placing steel in reinforced concrete structures is to increase the tensile strength of concrete. The diameters of the reinforcements steel in the concrete decrease as a result of electro-chemical reactions. Therefore; corrosion of reinforcement steels is the most important problem in the buildings. As a result of some experimental study, the ductility and ultimate load-carrying capacity decreases as the corrosion rate was increased. In this study, reinforcements steel with diameters of ø12, ø14 and ø16, respectively, were exposed to accelerated corrosion by applying 18 V DC stress intensity for 18 hrs. The solutions whose NaCl ratios are 3, 3.5 and 4%, respectively, were prepared to investigate the effect of NaCl on accelerated corrosion on reinforcement steel. As a result; it has been observed that as the NaCl ratio decreases and reinforcement steel diameter increases, the corrosion rate decreases.</p> Ismail Hocaoglu Ilker Bekir Topcu Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 18 23 An Application on Honeypot-Based Hybrid Deployment System: in the Turkish Software Industry <p>With the development of technology, information has been produced faster, but the same speed has not been achieved for the security of information. At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, the world turned its attention to the age of technology in a different direction. Making all kinds of technology available to the end-user has made it difficult for individuals and institutions to protect these systems that are developed over time and used out of purpose. Many studies and investments are being made to protect privacy, but they are insufficient. In this study, using honeypots, how to eliminate the attacker targeting your system by speaking in the language of their choice has been demonstrated. Honeypots are traps in the form of a weak link placed on a net. Different honeypot projects are developed as open source code, which are produced for different purposes. A hybrid system consisting of many honeypot projects used with a firewall has been tested with real attackers and presented with graphics. Leading products produced from open source were selected for the hybrid structure established and enabled it to operate as a single system. This structure has been designed for the future in order to be developed in the future. In this way, a leading product emerging in the future can be integrated into the system very simply. In the study, the products were compared with the equivalents. Why a hybrid honeypot project is necessary within an organization and what kind of data can be obtained when this structure is used were explained clearly.</p> Berkcan Karabulut Muhammed Ali Aydin Abdul Halim ZAIM Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 24 30 Multi-Objective Harris Hawks Optimizer For Multiobjective Optimization Problems <p>In this paper, a multi-objective version of the Harris Hawk Optimizer algorithm (HHO) is proposed, which is called Multi-Objective Harris Hawk Optimization (MOHHO). In the MOHHO algorithm, preserving the structure of the HHO algorithm, an archive repository has been added to the HHO algorithm to save and retrieve the Pareto optimal results. This repository is used for simulating the positions and solutions of the hawks. The archive member in the least populated area from this archive is selected using the roulette wheel process. This archive member is utilized as the rabbit in the proposed MOHHO algorithm. To show the performance of the MOHHO algorithm, we have taken unconstrained test functions known as ZDT from the literature. For the multi objective benchmarks, the MOHHO algorithm was compared with MOALO (Multi-objective AntLion optimizer) and MODA (Multi-objective Dragonfly optimizer) algorithms. Inverted Generational Distance (IGD) metric was used for ZDT benchmark comparison studies. The comparison results show that the proposed algorithm gives better results than the MOALO and MODA algorithms in terms of IGD metric for all test functions.</p> Ugur Yüzgeç Meryem Kusoglu Copyright (c) 2020 BSEU Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2020-12-30 2020-12-30 1 1 31 41