A Study on the Possibilities of Measuring and Assessing Water Resources with Remote Sensing Methods in Integrated Basin Management

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Yildirim Bayazit
Cengiz Koç


Water resources should be planned, projected and operated with a holistic approach on basin basis. It is very important to measure water resources at the desired time and accuracy in both planning and operation processes in order to develop and operate water resources projects effectively with a holistic approach on basin basis. When the water resource is not measured accurately and at the desired time intervals, providing the necessary data for new projects to be developed and determining whether or not the water amounts allocated for water, energy and other sectors are used during the operation phase according to the prepared basin water plan, calculation will not be possible. The only way to solve this question is to use remote sensing or other advanced methods, and the preparation and rapid implementation of draft studies, plans and proposals on this issue is the most important element of holistic watershed management. In this study, in Büyük Menderes basin where agriculture, industry and tourism potential is high in our country; How should a measurement system be required to accurately measure and record basin water resources at desired time intervals for integrated basin-based planning and operation of irrigation, energy, drinking and utility, flood and ecology projects, and a draft, preliminary study that will form the basis for the establishment of this system. or what are the basic elements of planning were investigated, and suggestions were made regarding the importance of this system for holistic basin management and how it should be implemented.

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